BDMS has seen an increase in both International Corporate clients and fly-in international patients from the United States, Europe, countries in the Middle East such as Qatar and the UAE, and Asia, especially from Japan, China, etc.

As one of the known top 3 largest private hospital group in the world in the world,
Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (BDMS) from Thailand shows up at the
People’s Health 2019 Overseas Healthcare Expo Beijing as the exclusive sponsor to introduce
Thailand as a medical tourism hub and the BDMS corporate services for the China market. The
invitation was well-received by the government officials and medical professionals in the
healthcare sector.

People’s Health Expo 2019 is organized jointly by & CPAM, aiming for the
further promotion of the sustainable and healthy development of social medical services on the
basis of relevant laws and regulations in a bid to increase the supply of medical services and
accelerate the improvement of people’s livelihood. BDMS, as the largest private medical system
in Thailand, has been invited to participate in the event as the representative of overseas
medical institutions to give a speech about the operation mode of overseas hospitals. Beyond
that, on the evening, BDMS specially sponsored a gala dinner to host the VIP guests of
hospitals, insurance executive, exhibitors and Investors. Panel discussion on why Thailand is a
medical tourism destination for the Chinese patients, wonderful Thai-style performances and
lectures have been offered to the participants.