Comprehensive Patient Assessment and Team Management (ERT)

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services

There is now overwhelming evidence that significant numbers of patients are harmed from the healthcare they receive resulting in permanent injury, increased length of stay in hospital or even death. Providing clinical staff with the tools they need to be aware of patients who are deteriorating quickly will be a significant step forward. Early Warning Scoring (EWS) systems provide a commonly understood way to recognize the degree of deterioration (or improvement) in a patient’s status, and can therefore ensure that every patient is seen at the right time by the right person. EWS is based on a combination of vital signs including heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and body temperature. The EWS system alerts staff to the onset of adverse physiological events, enabling medical teams to act faster and deliver adequate care to patients before the occurrence of severe complications.

ERT Course


  • Recognize emergency situations.
  • Comprehensive patient assessment and resuscitation
  • Use Modified Early Warning Score for call ERT team
  • Define their role in an emergency situation.
  • Demonstrate the ability to clearly provide effective hand-off communication to other healthcare team members.
  • Team dynamic and communication

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