Pediatric Center

Bangkok Hospital Rayong

We provide around-the-clock care to keep your child healthy and happy
Our Pediatric Care Center provides diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients, newborn to 16 years of age, 24
hours a day.
Our facilities are equipped with a team of pediatricians of different specialties. All pediatric patients are under careful
supervision of specially-trained nurses.
General Pediatrics
         Pediatricians available 24 hours a day to perform diagnosis and treatment
    •    Immunizations and Vaccinations
    •    Counseling in taking care of child for parents
Pediatric Allergy Center
    •    Diagnosis and Treatment of Allergies in Children
    •    Allergy testing via Blood Test or Skin Test
    •    Counseling for Allergy Treatment
    •    Counseling and Education for Prevention or Reduce Risk of Allergies in Children
Pediatric Psychiatry
    •    Diagnosis and treatment of mental illness or disorders, such as sexual confusion
    •    Physical Development and Intelligence Development Testing
    •    Counseling for children with learning difficulties, such as ADHD, Austism, Speech Difficulty
    •    Evaluation of causes of beavioral and emotional problems in child, such as child abuse, Family problems, or Drug
 รอแปล1 ข้อ นักฝึกพูดอรรถบำบัด (ออกตรวจทุกวันศุกร์)
Neonatal and Critical Care
    •    Diagnosis and Treatment of disorders in infants up to 1 month of age
    •    Medical care of Premature infant or infants with other complications
    •    Medical Care of infants from High-Risk Pregnancy
Children’s Health Center
Speech therapist (Check every Friday)