BDMS รับมอบ ‘กาแฟ ทรู คอฟฟี่คัพ’ พร้อมส่งต่อสู่บุคลากรทางการแพทย์

25 Jun 2021

BDMS จับมือ "ไทยประกันชีวิต" ส่งมอบสิทธิประโยชน์สู่ผู้ประกันตน ผ่านบัตร "ไทยประกันชีวิตชีววัฒนะ"

10 Jun 2021

BDMS is certified by NSTDA for the Research, Technology Development and Innovation Management System (RDIMS)

8 Jun 2021

BDMS และ มูลนิธิเวชดุสิตฯ ร่วมส่งมอบเวชภัณฑ์และเครื่อง High-Flow Oxygen แก่กรมราชทัณฑ์

2 Jun 2021

"Safe Tourism, Amazing Thailand" – Health Tourism to Thailand

29 Apr 2021

Tech-driven alliance to open doors for BDMS

18 Dec 2020

Congratulations to Hospitals Under BDMS Won the Global Health APAC Awards 2020

28 Oct 2020

BDMS strengthens cooperation with China to serve international patients

18 Sep 2020

BDMS 2020 Latest TVC

3 Aug 2020

Thailand ranks No.1 World Best Country for recovering from COVID-19 epidemic !!!

29 Jul 2020

BDMS Collaborates with Viriyah Insurance on Viriyah Healthcare Package by BDMS

18 Jul 2020

BDMS announces collaborative partnership with PING AN HEALTH

PING AN HEALTH, China’s largest insurance company, marking the further expansion of providing world-class medical services corresponding to the “Plan for Healthy China 2030” on the mission of helping 100 million people achieve a healthy life.

30 Jun 2020

Happy Birthday to Queen Suthida!

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Network wishes Her Majesty Queen Suthida a happy birthday

2 Jun 2020

BDMS has launched a series of webinars participated by our experts. We are ready to provide the worldclass treatment during the covid-19 outbreak

1 May 2020

Vejdusit Foundation Under the Royal patronage of II.R.II Prince Galyani Vadhana Kromma Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Founded for the under privileged Thai Donates 2,000 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to The Chaipattana Foundation

13 May 2020