BDMS strengthens cooperation with China to serve international patients

The current global epidemic situation is still very severe. In order to serve better Chinese patients, the world-renowned medical network and private hospital group — Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) joined hands with the Ping An Health APP to launch the “Thailand Medical Express” live broadcast in the “Daka Live” column to provide insights into medical treatment in Thailand.


In the recent live broadcast of “Thailand Medical Express”, BDMS gave a detailed introduction on how to travel to Thailand for medical tourism. From the airport arrival, pick-up service, hospital environment, treatment process, etc., it showed everyone BDMS’s international first-class treatment and service management standards. The live broadcast also sorted out the process of applying for a Thai medical visa and entry, and taught you how to prepare medical visa materials, purchase health insurance, and apply for a COE (entry permit) from the embassy during the epidemic, and provide guidance for patients to go to Thailand for medical treatment.


In addition, users can also choose insurance products that cooperate with BDMS network such as “Ping An e Health Insurance 2020” in the insurance section of the Ping An Health APP, and make appointments with experts online for consultation to satisfy users’ comprehensive and personalized medical Health needs.


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