BDMS announces collaborative partnership with PING AN HEALTH

Bangkok June 29, 2020 – BDMS, Thailand’s largest private medical group, and PING HEALTH, China’s largest insurance company, are pleased to announce they have entered into a joint agreement, marking a significant milestone for both companies in providing Chinese patients with world-class medical access which is the need BDMS readies to fulfil, corresponding to the China’s health promotion policy through exclusive health packages specifically designed for PING AN HEALTH members.  

Mrs. Narumol Noi-am, Acting President, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public co., Ltd. (BDMS) disclosed details of the collaboration with PING AN HEALTH on healthcare transformation that the collaborative partnership aims to provide PING AN HEALTH members with a wide spectrum of medical care including basic health check-up packages, exclusive elective packages led by a team of qualified doctors, cancer screening and treatment programs, orthopedic services, hip replacement surgery and total knee replacement surgery, a variety of cardiovascular procedures, and neurological services. To ensure that a seamless patient experience is delivered, BDMS network hospitals also offer exclusive value-added services such as pre-appointment consultation, visa service, interpreting services, ground transportation and hospitalization in single rooms for PING AN HEALTH members to receive quality patient care & services.


One of BDMS’s key centers of excellence programs is oncology. Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital in Bangkok offers state-of-the-art total cancer care from screening to diagnosis to treatment and recovery. As Thailand’s pioneer of cancer treatment combining advanced technology with multidisciplinary care, the center’s team of expert oncologists and specialists are dedicated to providing patients with best care and treatment possible focusing on both physical and mental health. As a Center of Excellence in cancer care, Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital in Bangkok is a JCI accredited sister institute to MD Anderson Cancer Center in the USA, which collaborate with each other on bringing knowledge and sharing experience to elevate the quality of cancer treatment to the same level of standards, as well as developing medical capabilities and treatment for complicated cancer with advice from experienced specialists, making treatment more effective. Most importantly, Wattanosoth Cancer Hospital is Thailand’s first and only hospital that is accredited by JCI, USA, with the international quality standards and the treatment for specific health conditions including breast cancer and breast conserving surgery.


“The survival rates seen at Wattasnosoth Cancer Hospital for a variety of cancer types are amongst the best in the world. BDMS has therefore designed special cancer screening programs as well as cancer treatment exclusively for Chinese patients including access to highly effective chemotherapy drugs that are not available in China.” said Mrs. Narumol Noi-am, adding “In addition, orthopedics is our another widely accepted innovative medical treatment which provides the latest treatment approaches including the Direct Anterior Approach for hip replacement surgery, the latest technology employing Thailand’s first ArtisPheno. This surgical

approach provides less trauma which means less pain, better joint stability and faster recovery time. Our outcomes at BDMS in orthopedics are excellent with faster recovery times and low incidence of complications, allowing some patients to start walking in only one day after surgical operation. Expertise in clinical practice of our doctor teams and advanced technology ensure the utmost effectiveness of medical treatment received from BDMS network.”


Earning reputation as “one of the most prestigious hospital networks in the world”, BDMS network comprises of 49 hospitals across 6 major hospital groups, including Bangkok Hospital Group, Samitivej Hospital Group, Phyathai Hospital Group, Paolo Hospital Group, the BNH Hospital and the Royal Bangkok Hospital Group in Cambodia. With over 22,000 qualified doctors and nurses, BDMS provides world-class healthcare service for international patients, with dedicated Chinese speaking doctors, nurses, interpreters and technicians.



Mr. Zheng YANG, Chairman of PING AN HEALTH, as part of PING AN GROUP, a Fortune 500 finance and insurance group, said that the strategic cooperation marks the further expansion of PING AN HEALTH Insurance medical network and the further improvement of its service capabilities. It also represents the possibility of more cooperation and exploration between medical institutions and insurance companies in the fields of medical treatment, payment and so on, which will truly respond to the demands of PING AN HEALTH members.


“PING AN HEALTH Insurance is pleased to provide customers with a series of medical services including green channels for medical treatment, hospital station services, second diagnosis and treatment, direct billing, and global emergency rescue services. Not only is it committed to allowing customers to access medical service and able to afford it, but also at ease, worry-free and comfortable in every aspect of medical treatment particularly through the Chinese-speaking services, and a wide variety of medical treatments including Western medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and Lifestyle medicine and Wellness.” Mr. Zheng YANG  said and added “Health and wellness of nation is the duty and responsibility of our organization. PING AN HEALTH will continue to implement guidelines including the “Plan for Healthy China 2030” and undertake the mission of “helping 100 million people achieve a healthy life” and move forward while staying true to mission of promoting the country’s prosperity and the nation’s rejuvenation.”





The PING AN HEALTH Insurance Company of China, Ltd is a professional health insurance company under the PING AN Insurance Group of China, Ltd. We were first established in 2005 after being approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. Our headquarters are in Shanghai and we have 7 branch offices across the country.  As a domestic health insurance company, we cover a large scope of health insurance services, including medical insurance, accident insurance, health insurance management, health consultation services amongst others. Our brand is well-known and trusted by consumers in China. With our global vision, we aim to provide our group and individual members, with comprehensive products that meet all their healthcare needs. We offer a global medical network that gives our members access to expert medical assistance worldwide and emergency medical assistance through our 24 hour, bilingual service with world-wide reach.

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