Samitivej Chonburi Hospital

KEY services & Treatments


  • Emergency service for all medical needs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Ambulance service 24 hours a day with specially trained and experienced medical teams
  • Personnel and equipment required for treating trauma patients in extremely critical condition
  • Professional medical transportation services, including evacuation and repatriation through various modes of transportation, such as ground and air ambulances, medical escorts, and bedside-to-bedside transportation services for adults and children. Our medical team carefully monitors the patient from prior to departing their current location until they are safely in the hands of the receiving healthcare provider.
  • Our trauma team has established protocol, specifically for the provision of prompt, high quality care to the critically injured trauma patient, known as ‘Code Trauma,’ that alerts all staff and related departments to prepare and immediately become available to care for a patient. These include the availability of CT scanners for immediate use with in-house radiologists for critical reading, preparation of the operating room within 30 minutes for emergency surgery with a fully qualified team of healthcare providers, and an inpatient department available to receive people immediately.
  • Rehabilitation doctors to facilitate the recovery process, ensuring optimal outcome and highest quality of life