Phyathai 3 Hospital

KEY services & Treatments

Services Capacity enhancement for children with special needs

  • Learning skill development program (IQ)
  • Emotional and Moral enhancement program (EQ and MQ)
  • Social skill and learning process (SQ and AQ)

Child development

  • Enhance 9 idea-development skills
  • Prepare for and strengthen systematic learning process
  • Stimulate learning potential
  • Stimulate the integration of 5 senses
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Provide an extra tutorial
  • Individual/ group behavioral therapy


  • Paediatric outpatient unit
  • Paediatric inpatient unit
  • Paediatric intensive care unit
  • Newborn special care unit
  • Paediatric psychiatry
  • Paediatric development
  • Speech training
  • IQ assessment