Heart Center

Bangkok Hospital Rayong

The Heart Center provides 24- hour services by medical specialists.
Outpatient treatment services     Open daily from 07. 00 - 20.00 hrs.
• Medical examination for the patients with cardiovascular disease
• High blood pressure
• Heart palpitations
• Chest pain
• Dizziness, fainting
• High blood lipids
• Additional counseling, health checks and diagnostic services in the risk group of heart disease
          • By the heart specialists, cardiologists
          • Instruments used to diagnose heart disease
• Electrocardiography
• Echocardiography
• Exercise Stress Test
• 24-hour Electrocardiogram    (Holter Monitor)
• Tilt Table Test
•  CTA coronary
• Cardiac catheterization service,  performing heart procedure  and  cardiac artery opening