Supply Chain Sustainability

Supply Chain Sustainability

As a leader in medical care and a supporter of the government’s policy on transforming Thailand into a medical hub, BDMS sets a supply chain management for a safe product and service delivery to the customers. BDMS enforces a procurement policy and sustainability risk management throughout the supply chain. This is to ensure procurement process transparency following international standards and regulations related to product and service quality. As a result, BDMS is able to prevent environmental and societal risks while effectively build customer relationships.

Supply Chain Management

BDMS subsidiary company called National Healthcare Systems Co., Ltd. (N Health) and the Procurement Department of the Hospital are responsible for the procurement of medical and non-medical products and services for BDMS group businesses and other supporting businesses.

National Healthcare Systems Co., Ltd. (N Health)

With more than 50 branches all over Thailand and abroad, N Health provides medical support to the hospitals with the help of multiple specialists such as doctors, pharmacists, medical technologists, nurses, logistics specialists and innovators. N Health aims to respond to every client’s specific needs under international standards. N Health services are as follows:

  • Laboratory Services Comprehensive laboratory services from primary to complex test for disease diagnosis or detection in the clinical, biomolecular, pathology, anti-aging and occupational medicine laboratory.
  • Sterile Processing Comprehensive sterile processing with chemical and biological quality assessment certified by international quality standards and a barcoded inventory system for accuracy and tracking.
  • Linen Management Comprehensive linen management covering laundry services and fresh linen delivery to the ward with advanced technology which helps reduce investment and linen loss.
  • Engineering Services Internationally certified engineering services from management to calibration to maintenance of medical equipment and device in the hospitals, surgery centers, specialist institutions, clinics, laboratories and nursing homes.
  • Medical Equipment Provider of variety of medical device and equipment to meet the different needs of each hospital, caregivers and patients such as patient bed, Automated external defibrillator ( A E D ) , m e d i c a l m e a s u r i n g instruments and homecare medical equipment with an additional of comprehensive after-sales services.
  • Healthcare Supply Chain Management A full range of healthcare supply chain management - procurement services, warehouse and inventory m a n a g e m e n t a n d l o g i s t i c s management.

N Health - Healthcare Supply Chain Management

  • Procurement Services Procurement of medicine, medical supplies, medical equipment, constructions, products and services with e-sourcing and e-procurement operated by experienced personnel trained and certified by procurement standards of the professional association.
  • Warehouse A full range of warehouse services managed by information technology systems can help reduce the cost of logistics, cost of storage space and inventory cost with the easily accessible location to ensure the response to client’s need in a timely manner.
  • Inventory Management Inventory management service including purchasing planning, inventory control and distribution of pharmaceutical drugs, medical supplies and medical devices by teams of experienced pharmacists for hospitals to dispense medicine to customers with high-quality services consistent with patient safety goals.
  • Logistics Management Internal and external logistics management of the hospitals including designing and optimizing transportation routing and delivery of medicine, medical supplies, specimens, blood products and document using an application called Mobile Transporter which enable traceability and accurate services.

Procurement Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct

N Health and the Procurement Department of the subsidiary hospitals are in charge of procurement following the procurement policy and inform all suppliers of the Supplier Code of Conduct. This aims to ensure support and collaboration with the suppliers in accordance with the sustainable procurement process throughout the supply chain. See further details here.


Sustainable Supply Chain Management

BDMS devises a strategy and guidelines for sustainable supply chain management with BDMS suppliers covering the Approved Vendor List and sustainability risk assessment, especially for the critical suppliers identified and included in the performance development plan to ensure sustainability throughout the supply chain.


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