Occupational Health and Safety

Principles and Importance

Occupational health, safety and good working conditions are crucial for the organization and need to be controlled and managed to prevent any negative impact to the financial and reputational risks from work absence due to sickness and fatal accidents linked to unsafe working conditions. Being aware of such importance, BDMS has established guidelines to promote occupational health and safe working conditions for all employees and those who work for the company’s well-being to ensure efficient work processes and employee engagement.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Guideline

BDMS enforces the systems and occupational health and safety guidelines for all employees in accordance with the risk assessment on occupational health and safety, healthcare standards, hospital accreditation, JCI and relevant regulations covering all business activities. The Policy ensures the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Committee establishment in all responsible facilities to assess risks and set out the measures for business activities both related and non-related to the healthcare services and ensure continual operations.


The employees can contact the Environment of Care Committee (ECC) to submit complaints or inquiries related to the safety of working operations at the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Department to establish hazardous preventive measures and avoid incident repetition.          


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