Labor Practices and Human Rights

Principles and Importance

BDMS values the importance of establishing a good relationship with all employees to ensure successful healthcare business operations that make optimum use of employees’ expertise. To strengthen fair treatment that follows human rights principles, BDMS has established guidelines for employees and contractors.

Guidelines for Employment and Termination

BDMS enforces guidelines for employment and termination of all clinical and non-clinical personnel by respecting international human rights principles, fair treatment and workplace rights. All personnel, including women, persons with disabilities and underprivileged persons must be treated equally and given the same opportunity.


Employee Fair Treatment Policy

  • Ensure fair treatment regardless of factors such as age, gender, gender identity & expression, sexual orientation, race, nationality, skin color, disability, religion, marital status, pregnancy, military status or other factors non-related to work.
  • Ensure non-discrimination in recruitment by considering the skills and abilities related to work positions.
  • Equally develop all employees based on the appropriateness and skill requirements of work positions to equalize career advancement opportunities.
  • Pay wages, compensation and provide all forms of remuneration in line with labor laws in a timely manner without deducting payment unless required in compliance with relevant laws.
  • Pay equal wages to employees of different genders in similar work positions and job descriptions.
  • Enforce and publicize performance evaluation criteria to all employees with transparency and fairness to ensure their career advancement.
  • Arrange fair career transfers for career progress on the basis of equality and non-discrimination.
  • Termination of employment must result from underperformed against set evaluation criteria or work descriptions, a serious breach of discipline, health-related issues diagnosed by doctors, or other reasons not related to discrimination.

Policy and Guidelines for Labor Practices and Human Rights

BDMS has established a policy and guidelines for labor practices and human rights to emphasize their importance and ensure all employees’ compliance.

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