Innovation and Collaboration

Principles and Importance

Business innovation adds value to the organization and its stakeholders and drives organizational success. This is in line with our strategy to improve services and differentiate the organization from others while contributing to enhanced social and environmental values.

BDMS Innovation Management

In collaboration with local and world-class organizations, BDMS innovation management has determined guidelines to develop innovation in response to the organizational strategy to ensure the utmost service experience and continuously optimize business efficiency.

BDMS Sourcing and Innovation Development Guidelines

BDMS has established guidelines for knowledge development and innovation sourcing in response to its organizational and development strategy in collaboration with organizations in Thailand and abroad. The Investment Committee is tasked with considering investment in functional innovations that produce concrete results. The details of the guidelines are as follows:


Collaborative Partnerships on Research and Medical Innovation

BDMS collaborates with medical institutions and hospital partners to exchange knowledge and develop research on medical innovation. Details of the institutions and organizations are as follows:

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