Climate Change Management

Climate Change Management

Climate change can render an impact on business operations of all industries, including healthcare services. Therefore, healthcare businesses must understand the emerging risks and business opportunities from the increasingly severe consequences of climate change. BDMS performs the risk and business opportunity assessment resulting from climate change as well as monitoring the operations to lessen its impact on operations.

Examples of Climate Change Impact on Health

Extreme Heat

  • Increasing temperature can result in heart and respiratory diseases such as asthma in the elderly due to pollution, pollen and allergens in the air during hot seasons.

Natural Disasters & Variable Rainfall Patterns

  • The increasing sea level and severe natural disasters can demolish buildings, healthcare facilities and other utilities. This can result in relocation, stress, diseases, shortage of clean freshwater, animal transmitted diseases and lack of nutrition from the shortage of agricultural products due to variable rainfall patterns.

Patterns of infection

  • Climate change can prolong the waterborne and animal transmitted diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.


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