BDMS Sustainability Development Policy

BDMS Sustainability Development Policy

BDMS has established a Sustainability Development Policy to set out the organizational management guidelines in accordance with sustainability. This aims to ensure cooperation with all stakeholders, maintain the balance and control the economic, social and environmental impact. The Policy as well indicates the responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the employees at the operational and management level to drive the organization.

Sustainability Management Governance

  • Board of Directors Review sustainability policy and management guidelines covering stakeholder engagement and material sustainability topics.
  • President Report sustainability performance to the Board of Directors and communicate suggestions and guidelines on sustainability management from the Board of Directors.
  • Corporate Sustainability Development Committee Support the operations following the sustainability policy and guidelines, report the sustainability performance to the President and update the operation’s progress to stakeholders.
  • BDMS CSD Department and Sustainability Development Committee from each Business Group Develop and support the management system with integrated technology and innovation and prepare the sustainability report for the Corporate Sustainbility Development Committee.
  • Employees Acknowledge and comply with the sustainability policy and guidelines.


Development Guidelines for BDMS Sustainability

  • Stakeholder Engagement throughout Value Chain
  • Identification and Assessment of Sustainability Material Topics
  • Response and Management of Sustainability Material Topics
  • Public Relations on Sustainability Performance