Brain Center

Bangkok Hospital Rayong

Brain and Nervous System Center
Neurology (Only available to the patients aged 15 or more)
         1. Patients needing to check brain disease and nervous system
         2. Headache
         3. Dizziness
         4. Numbness or weakness of the muscles, legs, arms paralysis, mouth deformation
         5. Convulsions, spasm
         6. Movement disorders
         7. Double vision
         8. Encephalitis
         9. Meningitis
         10. Myelitis
         11. Stroke
         12. Parkinson's disease
Neurological surgery
1 Traumatic Head Injury more than 24 hours, excluding torn incision, swollen head
2 Brain tumors
3 Vascular Neurosurgery: Cerebral Aneurysm, varicose veins
4  Patients after brain surgery
5 Patients with spinal cord injury
6 Tumors in the spinal cord