Sports and Orthopedic Center

Bangkok Hospital


Specialists at the Bangkok Academy of Sports and Exercise Medicine (accredited by FIFA) are also on hand to help professional and amateur athletes improve their performance and recover from injuries.


Treatments and Services

  • Treatment of bone and joint fractures resulting from accidents
  • Surgical treatment using laparoscopy (including sports injuries)
  • Spine surgery
  • Total hip/knee replacement
  • Treatment and surgery for hand and wrists conditions
  • Orthopedic surgery for children
  • Specialized foot and ankle surgery
  • Treatment of bone tumors
  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • Fitness analysis
    • Body composition
    • Balance and flexibility
    • Heart and lung function (aerobic capacity) fitness
    • Anaerobic capacity
    • Muscle strength (weight)
    • Speed testing
    • Plyometric (fast and powerful movements)
    • Motion analysis and gait analysis
  • Training
    • Strength training (isotonic, isometric and isokinetic)
    • Plyometric training (muscle power)
    • Proper oxygen use and aerobic capacity
    • Speed and agility
    • Flexibility
    • Neuromuscular control (balance and proprioception) endurance
  • FIFA Medical Center of Excellence