About Us

Along the way, we are proud to have been health care pioneers in Thailand by opening the country’s first private heart hospital (Bangkok Heart Hospital) and first private cancer hospital (Wattanosoth Hospital). We were also the first private hospital group in Thailand to open a children’s hospital (Samitivej Children's Hospital), dedicated solely to the care of pediatric patients.

At BDMS, we hope to instill confidence and trust in our patients, so when visiting any of our hospitals, patients can be assured of receiving only the safest, most up-to-date medical care. Before a new hospital joins our network, we make sure it is developed with strong infrastructure, personnel and support systems in order to maintain our exceptional operating levels and standards of care. We have a clear, focused vision for the future, and we strive to constantly seek out new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Bangkok Hospital has also received the Trusted Brand Award from Reader’s Digest, as well as accreditation from Telemedicine for the Mobile Society (TEMOS), which evaluates hospitals’ services for medical tourism, and the Hospital Accreditation of Thailand, which promotes safe medical air rescue and flight transfers. Bangkok Hospital also collaborates with leading international teaching hospitals. Samitivej Hospital, BNH Hospital, the Phyathai Hospital Group and the Paolo Hospital Group are also certified by Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCI) and Hospital Accreditation (HA) of Thailand. BNH Hospital has won multiple awards, including a Business Excellence Award and a Best Professional Services for Export Services Award from the Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Phyathai Hospital Group is the proud recipient of the Trusted Brand Gold Award from Reader’s Digest, and Samitivej Sukhumvit was the first hospital in Thailand to be recognized in the Mother and Baby-Friendly Initiative by WHO and UNICEF.