Neurology Center

Bangkok Hospital

Our neurologists

Our neurologists are committed to bringing holistic services to patients of all ages, with an emphasis in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation.

KEY services & Treatments

Treatments and Services

Services we offer at our center include:

Minimally invasive neurosurgery

Brain surgery

Treatment for head injury

Treatment for brain tumors

Vascular neurosurgery

Functional neurosurgery

Deep brain stimulation

Epilepsy surgery

Pediatric neurosurgery

Peripheral nerve surgery

Stereotactic radiosurgery

Clinics at our center include:

Stroke Clinic

Parkinson’s Clinic

Epilepsy Clinic

Headache Clinic

Sleep Disorder Clinic

The medical technology available at our center includes:

Services we offer at our center include:

Computerized Tomography

Magnetic Resonance

Cerebral Angiography

Carotid Duplex Ultrasounds

Transcranial Doppler Ultrasounds



Sleep Test